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Minuteman Health is an innovative, non-profit, member-governed plan that was created to give small businesses and their employees access to more affordable, and accountable health insurance.

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Our marketing campaign is spreading the word about the advantages of our member-governed plan.

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We are pleased to announce Minuteman Health’s inaugural member election. As the first and only member-governed health maintenance organization (HMO) in Massachusetts, our members will have an unprecedented voice in how their HMO is run.

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Members have a Choice...and a Voice

Because Minuteman Health is member-governed and non-profit, members have a voice in how their health plan operates. All monetary benefits of a more efficient administration go right back to members with lower premiums or more benefits.

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Minuteman Health offers a range of plans to fit your specific needs and budget. Our network of physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers provides the quality care you expect.
Minuteman Health’s innovative approach brings hospitals, physicians, consumers and small employers together to improve many confusing and inefficient aspects of today’s health insurance system.

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