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New company; FAQs

Why are you doing this?
Minuteman Health has been very successful in offering an affordable health care option to New Hampshire and Massachusetts consumers, and we have grown our membership every year since we were established in 2014.

Despite Minuteman Health’s positive experience, the federal risk adjustment program has required Minuteman Health to pay out or set aside nearly $100 million to give to its more costly competitors. Because we were formed under a federal program, we have faced certain restrictions that limited our ability to best serve our communities and to mitigate the impact of the risk adjustment program.

Now, management is planning to form a new company, Minuteman Insurance Company, with the goal of better addressing these issues. Without the federal program restrictions, the new company will be able to offer our more efficient, affordable plan to a broader range of members and will be able to work to mitigate the impact of the risk adjustment program.

The new company has already filed license applications in New Hampshire in Massachusetts. The goal is to have this new company formed to begin doing business on January 1, 2018 and to ensure a smooth transition for members to become part of Minuteman Insurance Company.

Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition to current members who wish to enroll in Minuteman Insurance Company for 2018. We will continue to give you updates as the year progresses.

Will I lose my coverage?
No. You’re good. Existing members will see no interruption in their coverage and benefits will be unaffected during this period.

Will I need to change doctors?
No. If your current doctors are in our In-Plan Provider Network you do not have to change. (Reminder, always check our In-Plan Provider Search tool to confirm that your doctor is In-Plan.)

Will my claims be paid?
Yes. Our members will see no interruption in coverage or reduction in benefits during this period.

What do I need to do?
Nothing. You just keep going with your current plan.

Will the new company offer plans on the New Hampshire and Massachusetts exchanges?
Yes, if approved, Minuteman Insurance Company fully intends to offer plans on and off the New Hampshire and Massachusetts exchanges.

Can I talk to someone to answer more questions?
Sure thing. Call the Member Services Team at 855-644-1776 Monday through Friday from 8am until 6pm.