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Minuteman Health Enters New Hampshire Insurance Marketplace

BOSTON (December 12, 2013) – Minuteman Health (www.minutemanhealth.org), the first and only member-governed, non-profit health insurance plan in Massachusetts, is bringing its unique approach to lower-cost, high-quality health care to New Hampshire, the plan announced today. “Our goal is to offer individuals and small businesses in New Hampshire a superior health care product at a better price. Our unique model emphasizes quality care, transparency and accountability,” said Minuteman CEO Thomas Policelli. Minuteman’s network in Massachusetts consists of more than 7,000 physicians, hospitals and other health care providers. Minuteman will begin adding to its network in New Hampshire immediately, Policelli said. Minuteman received a $67 million foundational loan from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare services to expand into the New Hampshire market, with a targeted January 2015 start date. Policelli said Minuteman’s objective is to create a broader network than that currently offered by the existing NH health plan. Minuteman has already received broad support from NH chambers of commerce, hospitals and physician organizations, he added. “We think that competition among health care plans is going to be a very positive development for New Hampshire residents and businesses. We recognize that New Hampshire is a different market than Massachusetts, and we plan to bring the right solutions to the market,” Policelli said. The most recent publicly available rate comparisons show that Minuteman’s premiums are less than many other commercial plans in Massachusetts. Upon being licensed by the Department of Insurance, Minuteman’s New Hampshire plans will be marketed through their website, brokers and the federal partnership health care exchange.

About Minuteman

Minuteman Health is a new member-governed, non-profit health insurance option for Massachusetts’ residents. The company intends to offer individuals and small businesses lower-cost high-quality care with unprecedented transparency, increased efficiency and its unique member-governance structure. Plan members will directly participate by electing the board of directors, becoming board members and providing input for cost management and service delivery. Minuteman will be marketed through their website, brokers and the Massachusetts Health Connector.


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