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Minuteman working to close potential gaps in coverage

BOSTON 12/27/2014 – Minuteman Health today announced that it is continuing to accept enrollment through December 31st for coverage effective January 1st. This is for individuals and businesses that are buying off the public exchange or “Connector” in Massachusetts. The timeframe allowed by the Connector website expired on December 23rd, and now the state agency will only allow enrollments for coverage starting February 1st and later. Minuteman believes that certain individuals may risk a gap in coverage as a result of this. While the Connector has not released data to specify how many may lose coverage, it is clear that the last rush to enrollment has been difficult. Deadline confusion, differing state and federal timelines, extreme difficulty with the payment and confirmation of payment systems, and simple last-minute procrastination have left some consumers uncertain and potentially exposed. Enrollment by December 31st would need to be confirmed with payment by January 5th. ID cards for late enrollees will take 5-7 days to arrive, but coverage will be effective on January 1st. Separately, Minuteman has been calling all individuals the Connector has identified as current or future potential Minuteman members. “We have found that some consumers are confused by the lack of a payment confirmation from the Connector, some think they have paid but have not, and some are unaware that if they do not pay in the next week the Connector will cancel their coverage,” said Mike Boudreau, senior vice president of operations for Minuteman. “Given this confusion and the very high call volumes at the Connector, we offered to call each and every person the Connector could identify. We do not want to bother people during the holidays, but we also don’t want them to wake up on New Year’s Day to the unwelcome surprise that they are suddenly uninsured.” For those who had previously enrolled via the public exchange, the government-established payment deadline has been extended through December 28th. Minuteman Health stands ready to help consumers sort out any questions or concerns they may have. Please call 855-566-1287 for assistance.

About Minuteman

Minuteman Health is a new member-governed, non-profit health insurance option for Massachusetts’ residents. The company intends to offer individuals and small businesses lower-cost high-quality care with unprecedented transparency, increased efficiency and its unique member-governance structure. Plan members will directly participate by electing the board of directors, becoming board members and providing input for cost management and service delivery. Minuteman will be marketed through their website, brokers and the Massachusetts Health Connector.


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