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Minuteman Health to pay brokers a fee for Connector enrollments

BOSTON 10/22/2014 – Minuteman Health (www.minutemanhealth.org) today announced that it will become the first health insurance plan in Massachusetts to pay brokers a fee for enrolling individuals through the Massachusetts Health Connector. The fee program will directly support Massachusetts residents by providing brokers a new incentive to help guide consumers through the many insurance options and choices available through the Health Connector and the Commonwealth’s website, MAhealthconnector.org. Minuteman CEO Tom Policelli said Minuteman presented the idea to the Health Connector and has worked closely with its leadership to get it done. Health Connector officials approved the final version of this innovative program yesterday, Policelli said. “We’re pleased that the Health Connector recognized the merit of compensation for brokers who provide assistance to individuals who sign up through the Connector site,” Policelli said. “This is a good outcome for consumers. The Commonwealth has said that it is reaching out to more than 400,000 current members who need to submit a new application if they want to continue with coverage through the Commonwealth. This all begins on November 15th, and consumers will need all the resources and help they can get. Brokers can and do put forth significant effort as they assist consumers today, and compensating them for their work simply makes sense.” Policelli said brokers in states using the federal Health Insurance Marketplace are able to receive fees for enrollments, but the practice has not been allowed in Massachusetts until yesterday’s Health Connector decision. Now, in addition to being eligible to receive a fee for enrolling individuals outside of the Health Connector, brokers are allowed to receive a fee for enrolling both subsidized and non-subsidized individuals through the Health Connector. Brokers will need to be certified by and registered with the Health Connector. The next open enrollment period begins on Nov. 15 and runs through Feb. 15, 2015. Policelli said Minuteman’s competitive premiums, expanding provider network and unique approach to health care coverage will provide Massachusetts residents and small businesses an attractive insurance option during open enrollment and beyond. “We at Minuteman look forward to working with brokers, employers, and consumers as they evaluate the new options available to them in the market,” he said. Brokers interested in working with Minuteman and assisting consumers should contact Patrick O’Brien at 857.265.3333 or patrickobrien@minutemanhealth.org.

About Minuteman

Minuteman Health is a new member-governed, non-profit health insurance option for Massachusetts’ residents. The company intends to offer individuals and small businesses lower-cost high-quality care with unprecedented transparency, increased efficiency and its unique member-governance structure. Plan members will directly participate by electing the board of directors, becoming board members and providing input for cost management and service delivery. Minuteman will be marketed through their website, brokers and the Massachusetts Health Connector.


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