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Minuteman Health Membership Increases by 53 Percent from 2016

Company Launches Effort to Expand Employer Business Not Subject to Federal Risk Adjustment

BOSTON and MANCHESTER—Minuteman Health (www.minutemanhealth.org)continued its steady growth in 2016, adding more than 12,000 new members in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the company announced today.

In Massachusetts, Minuteman added 2,637 members between February 1, 2016 and February 1, 2017 (6,427 to 9,064), an increase of 41 percent. Over the same period the company added 9,787 members in New Hampshire (16,930 to 26,717), a 58-percent increase.

Overall membership increased by 12,438, or 53 percent, from 23,357 in February 2016 to 35,795 in February 2017.

Minuteman Chief Executive Officer Thomas Policelli attributed the growth to the company’s disciplined network build-out and its emphasis on quality care at lower price points.

“Our model is very focused on the doctors, nurses and hospitals,” Policelli said. “By partnering with them we are all able to focus on providing great care at a more affordable price.”

Policelli said that Minuteman will continue to add providers in 2017 in order to offer its expanding membership base more healthcare options, though the company will apply the same methodical approach to care and cost parameters.

“Our growth, both in membership and providers, has been marked by a consistency of values placed on affordable care and controlled costs. We know that healthcare consumers have many options. But like all consumers, they are attracted to quality products offered at competitive prices,” Policelli said.

As it continues its individual membership growth, Minuteman launched a direct mail, advertising and broker-awareness campaign to boost its small- and large-group market share in the last quarter of 2016.

“Over the last two years we have focused on building up our individual member base, with excellent results,” said Keith Ledoux, Vice President of New Sales and Retention. “We will continue our growth in that sector in 2017, but we’re also making an effort to bring the same high-quality, lower-cost healthcare approach to employers and municipalities of all sizes.”

“We have numerous plans that businesses can make available to their workers to give them the opportunity to save money while accessing high-quality care. We’re confident that giving brokers more information about our products will lead them to have new conversations with their business clients about Minuteman’s approach and products,” he said.

The biggest challenge facing fully insured employers is the federal Risk Adjustment program, Policelli said. “The natural focus of growth will be in level-funded products for small group and all funding types for larger groups because they are exempt from the federal Risk Adjustment program. Risk Adjustment is really turning out to be an affordability tax in the individual and small group markets, and is pushing fully-insured employer premiums 15-25% higher than they should be,” he said.

Any serious attempt to lower premiums and pressure high cost, less efficient providers must include reforming or eliminating the flawed Risk Adjustment program, Policelli said. “Until that time, employers of all sizes will be moving towards self-insured solutions”.


About Minuteman

Minuteman Health, Inc. is non-profit health maintenance organization (HMO) committed to removing inefficiencies from today’s health insurance system to provide high-quality care, cut administrative costs and reduce premiums for individuals and businesses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Minuteman Health’s In-Plan Provider network includes over 11,300 hospitals, physicians, and specialists who provide high quality care at lower costs in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Updates on Minuteman Health’s evolving provider network can be found at www.minutemanhealth.org.

Minuteman is marketed in Massachusetts through its website, brokers, Health Services Administrators (www.HSAinsurance.com) and the Massachusetts Health Connector. It is marketing in New Hampshire through its website, brokers, and the Federal Healthcare Exchange.


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